Learn Paintless Dent Repair from a Professional TODAY with our Training DVD Box Set

Ready to learn how you can travel, set your own work times and use your hands to make you more money than most of your friends who have a degree and sit in an office 40 hours a week?

Paintless Dent Repair is finally coming-of-age. It is a multimillion dollar industry and each year hundreds, if not thousands of people worldwide decide that this is their career choice. Why? Well the answer is rather simple when you think about it. Owning your own PDR business puts you in charge of your life. You set your own hours, make your own rules, and are responsible for your own customers. There is nothing like being in complete control of your future. People who enjoy freedom, a high income and flexible work hours a perfect fit for this course.

So if you have been on the fence about Paintless Dent, or are looking for ways to add more value to your current business, you really should consider Hail.com’s Paintless Dent Repair training course. This course is lead by cheif trainer Joel Knott, who is solely responsible for the training of new door ding and hail repair Technicians within Hail.com. Joel brings more than 18 years of solid industry experience, and is a PDR veteran specializing in both door dings and hail damage himself. He will give you the information necessary in order for you to create and sustain a highly profitable PDR business.


In this DVD course you will cover such things as:

The Technical Skills:

Get It Right from the Start. Many PDR technicians and students fail because they are missing the MOST IMPORTANT skills… The ones right at the start set you up to either succeed or fail in PDR. They are the difference between an excellent technician with a calendar full of work, a good technician who is busy seasonally and a bad technician who needs a big storm to get any work. Learn how to repair dents and use your light correctly from the beginning to make sure you have the right skills to become an excellent technician right from the get go.

Pushing Dents. Well this is the stuff you want, right? To learn how to push dents out of cars properly. You are in luck. Joel thoroughly takes you through the correct and best ways to push dents. He talks about it in finite detail and shows you examples not only on vehicles, but also on the whiteboard, so you can really see what is going on and what your tools should be doing in order to get it right. Joel takes you through from the basics to the more advanced, so you can focus on what you need right now and as you improve you can come back and watch it again to pick up more tips.

Glue Pulling. Once you have mastered pushing dents you will come to realize there are certain panels and places on cars that you cannot reach with a dent tool and you will need to find another way to repair the dent. Glue pulling is the answer, but unfortunately a lot of technicians (or trainers) have never taken the time to truly master it. It is a skill and it takes time and practice to get perfect… Joel has taken that time. He is a perfectionist and world-renowned for his glue pulling skills and expertise. You would be hard pressed to find any other trainer who can teach you how to glue pull to a perfect finish the way Joel can. Set yourself apart in the industry by learning from the best.

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The Business Skills:

Paintless Dent Repair track, door dings vs. hail damage. Each of these are highly profitable business venues, and as such they have their own unique set of challenges. Joel breaks these down like a pro and gives you the information you need in order to decide which type of dent repair business is best for you to pursue.

Tool talk. Periodically, questions arise as to the quality of tools versus their price. Are cheaper tools just as good? Do high dollar or more expensive brand-name tools perform better? What is the average life expectancy of PDR tools? All of these questions and more are covered and the DVD training course. Joel breaks it down for you and gives you his own personal analysis, allowing you to make informed purchases.

Billing customers. You have to charge your customers, that one is obvious. But you want to know how much to charge them. Joel answers this as well as other items of concern such as should I bill by the job or hourly? Should I adjust my billing as my skills increase? With step by step practicality, Joel guides you through this process and allows you to set yourself up for healthy billing from the beginning.

How much money can I make? This is obviously the big enchilada. Everyone wants to know how much they can make with PDR? Joel’s response might surprise you. The pathway to profitability with Paintless Dent Repair is multifaceted, yet rather easy to implement. Stick with Joel as he shows you step-by-step what you need to do, and how you need to approach the business in order to be highly profitable. Joel will tell you that you can make many times more than the average industry professional, if you simply do a few things right from the beginning. All of this is contained in this training course.

Best technique and practices. The advantage of having one of the industry’s top professionals teaching you is that you learn a few of their tried and true methods. Joel gives insight into each situation that is presented and will show you the most efficient way of repairing any type of dent or ding. You will more than likely pick up a few skills along the way that you never knew existed. This will allow you to service more customers, which translates into a more profitable business. A profitable business is always a good thing.

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The Clear Choice

The video course is a comprehensive one stop guide to the paintless dent removal industry. Joel is a gifted communicator. His videos are entertaining, informative, and very easy to understand. If you are looking for a step-by-step practical application guide, this course is definitely your best choice. Joel draws from almost 2 decades of dealing with overbearing customers, problem dent repairs, and nearly impossible situations to bring you a proven video guide that will help you navigate just about any PDR situation.

Organized in easy to understand video presentations, this training course is very specific, showcasing real world repairs and how to tackle them. Joel’s skill level is obvious and he always comes across as the consummate professional. Furthermore, after going through the course work, you will understand that Joel really does have the goal of equipping you with the necessary skills to be the best in PDR.

The Right Time

There has never been a better time to get involved in PDR. The founders of Paintless Dent have paved the way for you. Simply follow the link at the bottom of the page and you will be well on your way to becoming a Paintless Dent Repair specialist. Using the skills and techniques shown throughout the video course, you will be able to own every sector of your local market, with the potential for much further expansion depending on how aggressive you choose to pursue the craft.

Real value, real information, that’s the value of Hail.com’s Paintless Dent Repair DVD course, and at only $495 USD, you will look back and realise how small this investment really was.

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