Hail.com has the most recognized Paintless Dent Repair training program in the Hail Damage Repair industry.

With more than a decade dedicated to refining this program, Hail.com, as a company and as a training program, is on the cutting edge of Paintless Dent Repair.

Whether you’re an individual looking to break into the PDR Industry or a larger firm who recognizes the advantages of having Paintless Dent Repair within your organization, training within the most respected program on the market will allow you to become a true industry leader.

The PDR program is taught exclusively by Joel Knott – trainer to the industry leaders across North America, Australasia and Europe. There is no individual more respected in the PDR training field than Joel, with an overwhelming will to share his expertise.

This amazing 2 week program is bundled into 18 discs which comprises of 2, 9 disc DVD box sets split into week 1 and week 2. The program has more than 16 hours of professional, informative and fun content running through every aspect of the Paintless Dent Repair industry.

Day 1
Part 1
– Personal Introduction from Joel Knott.
– Overview of the course.
– Introduction of PDR Tools.
– PDR light positioning.
Part 2
– PDR light positioning (continued).
– Mapping a Hood for tip finding exercise.
– Introduction to tip finding.
– Knocking down high points.
Day 2
– Introduction to dent repairing.
– Dent size to depth ratio.
– Small dent repairing.
– Cross checking.
Day 3
– Under brace dent repairing.
– Explaining the “Trampoline effect”
– How to use the shadow of your light.
– Variations of lights and light backgrounds.
Day 4
Part 1
– Introduction to on car dent pushing and light positioning.
– Securing a hood for repair on the car.
– Removal of a hood.
– Dent repairing and light positioning on a fender.
Part 2
– Dent repairing and light positioning on a fender (continued).
– Setting up a heat gun for deep dents on cold days.
– Dent repair and light position on a door.
Part 3
– Door trim removal for dent repair.
– Dent repairing in a quarter panel.
– Taillight removal
– Dent repairing on cant rails and door frames.
Part 4
– Dent repairing on a lift gate and trim removal.
– Headliner removal.
– Dent repairing and light positioning on a roof.
Day 5
– Review of week 1
Day 6
Part 1
– Introduction to glue pulling.
– Explanation of different hot melt glues for PDR.
– Things to be cautious of when using a slide hammer.
Part 2
– Changing glue pulling techniques for variations in temperature.
– Glue tab size options.
– Where you should and should not glue pull.
– Glue removal.
Day 7
– Glue pulling large dents.
– Advanced glue tab placement.
– Glue setting time frames.
– Glue pulling on a vehicle.
Day 8
Part 1
– Pushing large and deep dents.
– How to cold shrink a dent.
– Explaining oil canned dents.
– Examples of deep dents from customers.
Part 2
– Dent pushing on side panels.
– Placement of window protector and wedge in a door.
– Cross checking vertical panels.
– Sanding a dent for texture removal.
Day 9
Part 1
– Running a dent repair business.
– Peaks and troughs of PDR.
– Financial mistakes in PDR and how to prevent them.
– How to justify your price.
Part 2
– Dealing with a pushy PDR customer.
– Estimating a hail damaged car.
– Lowering you business costs in PDR.
Part 3
– Breaking into the PDR industry.
– Estimating door dings and non hail related dents.
– Advantages and disadvantages of repairing dents on location.
– Marketing yourself and your business.
Day 10
– Review of week 2.